*Individual Results May Vary

Botox Experts Of Westchester

Dr. Sharon DeChiara is considered one of the leading and most talented Botox injectors in Westchester County NY.  She has over 20 years of experience safely injecting Botox for her patients.  She has trained other doctors and nurses, and is constantly consulted to correct other’s work.  Dr. DeChiara has perfected her technique to treat and prevent wrinkles, as well as correct facial asymmetries, lowered brows and other imperfections of the face.  Her clients love her long lasting results and her prices are some of the best in the area.  Dr. DeChiara sees over 100 patients a week just for Botox injections.  Her experience and expertise can not be surpassed.  Do not be mislead by cheap prices and inexperienced injectors, as you will wear the results on your face for months.  Dr. D’s patients never look fake, surprised or over done.  When botox is done right, you will have a softer, more rested, refreshed look.  You should never look lopsided, surprised or angry.  If you would like a consult, please contact us today for an appointment.

*Results May Vary From Person To Person

Botox is becoming a household name in Westchester and most of America.  Most people have now heard of Botox.  Despite some of it’s reputation, Botox produces one of the most natural looks possible and creates superior results for anti-aging.

Botox Cosmetic is injected by plastic surgeons in Westchester to freeze muscles that cause wrinkling on the face.  It can create immediate results (5-10 days) with no downtime.  Dr. DeChiara is an expert injector of the Botox Cosmetic.  She has years of experience using Botox.  Choosing an experienced Plastic Surgeon in Westchester to inject Botox means the difference between having natural looking results or a botched Botox job.  Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. DeChiara is proud to offer Botox Cosmetic to the patients of Westchester.

How does BOTOX® work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic works by blocking the impulses from the nerve to the facial muscles. The result is that the underlying facial muscles relax and the skin begins to smooth out. This is only temporary, and scientific studies have proven that the treated muscles regain full function within three to six months.
BOTOX® has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as a safe and effective therapy drug since 1989 and has been used effectively as such for over 20 years.

What are the benefits of Botox from Spa Chiara Medical Spa?

Patients who visit our Westchester clinic often ask about BOTOX® to address the following:

  • Prominent wrinkles or furrows in the forehead
  • Small wrinkles or “crow’s feet” around the eyes
  • A vertical “frown line” between eyebrows
  • Fine lines around the mouth (“lipstick lines”)
  • Horizontal wrinkling around the top of the nose
  • Flaring of the nostrils
  • Excessive chin puckering

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