*Individual Results May Vary

Pearl Fractional Laser

The Pearl Fractional Laser is the perfect laser for treating sun damaged skin in one treatment.  The Pearl Fractional offers the best results in combination with experience and recovery time.

What is a Fractional Laser?

A Fractional Laser is one that exposes just a fraction of the skin to the laser beam in the pattern of tiny dots.  With the Pearl Fractional Laser, the laser will actually place tiny holes into the skin, then columns of skin are extracted, leaving surrounded tissues intact.  The body responds by producing new collagen, to improve the appearance of aging and fine lines/wrinkles.

Many patients may receive optimal results with just one treatment.  It’s best suited for patients with light to medium skin tones, with imperfections due to aging and/or sun damage.

Patients may see results one week after treatment.  Maximum results are 1-3 months following treatments.  Make-up can be applied 5 days after treatment.*

*Results May Vary From Person To Person

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