Eyelid Plasty FAQ

Eyelid Plasty

Before your surgery

  1. If you smoke, discontinue or lessen at least 2 weeks before and after surgery..
  2. Refer to enclosed list of medications to avoid 2 weeks before and after surgery
  3. Refer to enclosed vitamin list to help with bruising and swelling after surgery. Follow instructions.
  4. Please purchase refresh lubricating eye drops and refresh (or similar) lubricating eye ointment for use after your procedure.
  5. Arrangements should be made for transportation to and from the Center on the day of surgery. You should arrange for someone to be with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  6. Arrange to have a small cooler available by your bed at home to facilitate changing ice compresses during the night (See Instructions after Surgery).
  7. Fill the prescriptions that you have received in your packet before surgery.
  8. If desired, purchase a cover-up cosmetic to match your facial skin. Make up should be hypoallergenic and fragrance free.
  9. Wash your face with mild soap the night before and the morning of surgery.
  10. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before surgery.

The Day of Surgery

  1. Do not take any medication other than heart or blood pressure medication with a sip of water on the morning of surgery.
  2. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Do not wear any jewelry.
  3. Remember do not wear any face make-up.
  4. Bring dark glasses with you to the Center.
  5. Be prepared to give the Center the name and number of the person who will be taking you home after surgery.
  6. Be prepared to give the Center a phone number where you can be reached for a post-op call.

After Your Surgery

  1. Take your antibiotics as directed, you may or may not need to take pain medication after surgery.  You may use refresh eye drops as needed during the day and ointment in your eyes at night.
  2.  Apply ice packs to eyes as much as possible while awake (20 minutes on 20 minutes off) for the first 48-72 hours following surgery
  3.  Sleep elevated on several pillows for one week after surgery.
  4. You may shower and wasy your hair after surgery.
  5. You may gently was your face after surgery.  You will note that you have small pieces of tape on your forehead and temples.  Do not touch the tape as they are holding the sutures in place.  If you have had a lower eyelidplasty you may have a suture holding up the lower lid.  When you leave the Center you will receive instructions how to remove the suture the day after surgery
  6. Generally sutures are removed 4 days after surgery.
  7. Avoid strenuous activity, bend over or heavy lifting until cleared to do so by your doctor.  An office visit will be scheduled 2 weeks after surgery.. A that time you will receive scar care instructions.
  8. Wear sunglasses when outdoors for several months.

General Considerations

  1. Please remember that the process of healing does take time.  In most cases, swelling and brusing which is noticeable to other people will be gone in 10-14 days.
  2. After the first 2 weeks, any remaining swelling or bruising will gradually subside over the next 3-6 months.
  3. It is normal for small “lumps and bumps” or small irregularities to come and go for a period of several months.  These will normally resolve on their own.
  4. Initially the amount of swelling may be different on each side.  This is normal and will begin to even out as healing progresses.
  5. Please call our office at any time with questions or concerns.
  6. If one eye becomes much more swollen or painful than the other call our office immediately.

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